Have you ever looked out of the window while driving or while waiting in front of a traffic light and wondered what that One Shoe was doing there, lying on the side of the road? Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to loose One Shoe on a highway or in the middle of a city?

The abandoned shoe is a great big cliché in news journalism, films and fairy tales. Yet somehow the empty shoe still moves us. Why? Did the owner walk away on One Shoe? How can it be that the owner did not notice it. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. We have seen One Shoes, lying beside the road from Amsterdam to Beijing, in South America, Mexico and the United States. When you look carefully, you see them everywhere, abandoned by their owners.

How did they get there? Why is it always One Shoe and not two, let alone a complete pair? This mystery cannot be solved easily, but maybe with the help of you we can.

Have you seen a Road Side Shoe, let us know and post you sighting now. Maybe we can backtrack the owner and solve the mystery. How does it work: Fill in the posting form on this website and upload a picture if you have one. Tell us the details about the Shoe, the location and the date and time of discovery.

Team One Shoe

Michel van Velde & Floris Derksen