Route 11 South between Burger King and Sheetz

Date spotted: 3/10/2010 Location: Route 11 South between Burger King and Sheetz Country: USA City: Harrisonburg, VA

This shoe has been on the side of the road here for almost 6 months. It always makes me think of this website. Just a lone leather shoe in the parking lot where the old gas station was and the new c

Bournemouth Hedge

Date spotted: 07-03-2010 Location: Bournemouth Hedge Country: UK City: Bournemouth
Bournemouth Shoe

A sneaky little one-shoer hiding in the hedge...

Snelweg A1 richting Apeldoorn

Date spotted: 25-02-2010 Location: Snelweg A1 richting Apeldoorn Country: Nederland City: vlak voor hectometerpaaltje 76.2 re

Een zwarte werkschoen stond eenzaam te liften op de vluchtstrook, terwijl de regen op 'm neerkletterde.

Union square

Date spotted: 6-11-2009 Location: Union square Country: United States City: San-Francisco
black boot

Found this shoe while walking along Union square.