One Shoe

One Shoe is an international advertising and digital agency located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The company is owned by Michel van Velde and Floris Derksen. Michel: “We started as One Shoe. We quickly became known as a firm that was developing both unique and proven concepts and had all the facilities in house to develop them as well. We also became known for choosing the right types of media available to facilitate the wishes of our clients. This could either be print, internet, mobile etc.

Before we started, we needed a striking name for our new company as we did not want it to be something like MVV/FD. Floris: “We wanted something special, something people would talk about. In 2003 Van Velde had set up an expedition. With his wife he drove all the way to China in a Volkswagen oldtimer. During this and his other journeys he noted a lot of “One Shoes” lying on or beside the road. Back in the Netherlands he shared his fascination for the mystery with me and I got fascinated as well. And so it didn’t take long to find a name for our company. We had a story to tell and could try to solve a mystery at the same time.”

We now work for a broad range of clients. 80 percent of our time we work for clients, the rest we spent on developing new techniques and creating new concepts. The knowledge we gather with this flows right back to our clients.

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Michel van Velde & Floris Derksen One Shoe Keizerstraat 3 3512 EA Utrecht T: +31 (0)6 25004147 E: